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Welcome to the US Tire Recycling Network!

Our State Agency   members play a key leadership role in promoting tire recycling. Whether your state has specific used tire legislation, or you are promoting voluntary participation, the U.S. Tire Recycling Network provides a platform to help you achieve your goals.

Your membership includes:

  • Our Tracker application which allows you to view information for the Generator, Hauler and Processor members with locations in your state
  • Access to Trip Logs which track the used tires picked up by a Hauler at a Generator and the used tires delivered by a Hauler to a Processor
  • A Dashboard where you can see the month to date, year to date and total used tires delivered to Processors
  • If you need additional information, just let us know!

The Tracker application has two roles for a State Agency :

  • State Agency   User – this role can view all the member information and Trip Log activity
  • State Agency   Admin – this role can also add and remove State Agency Users and update the State Agency information entered during registration

To learn more about the Tracker application, select Support to view a short demo and training video for each user role.

If you have any questions, select Contact Us and we would be happy to answer them for you.

Registration is fast and simple! Select Join Now to use our online State Agency   registration form. It takes just minutes to register and the form allows only one registration per state.